BoostLab1-4: AROUND - Alternative ROUtes for Sustainable Diamines in the Circular Economy


Project duration

January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2024

Project partners

Covestro Deutschland AG

TU Dortmund, TC (chair of Industrial Chem­is­try)

RWTH Aachen University, ABBt (Chair of Biotechnology)

RWTH Aachen University, Chair of Technical Thermodynamics (LTT)

RWTH Aachen University, Fluid Process Engineering (AVT.FVT)

Project description

The AROUND project aims to investigate the production of novel diamines from renewable raw materials for use in production technology. Diamines are an important starting material for the production of, for example, isocyanates, which are important raw materials for the production of polyurethanes used as foams, including high-quality insulating materials.

Furthermore, diamines are used in the polyurethane and epoxy industries - as raw materials for the production of high-quality coatings and adhesives. With the new chemical structure of the molecules, new and/or improved properties are expected in both application areas. Based on preliminary work by Covestro Deutschland AG and others, two potential routes for industrial implementation will be investigated as part of AROUND: chemical as well as enzymatic catalysis. Both processes will be further developed and analyzed in the first phase of the project.

Based on these results, an initial conceptual process design will be developed that will provide insights for the subsequent piloting. The usability of the diamines for the production of polymers will be investigated and any necessary modifications identified.

The accompanying LCA, Life Cycle Analysis, will provide an early assessment of the actual and holistic CO2 savings potential, thus creating a solid and comprehensive evaluation basis for the project results. Likewise, the use of diamines in the epoxy industry will be evaluated, which would facilitate the creation of a new market.

After completion of the project, in addition to an extensive knowledge gain that can be used for further work in the emerging competence center Bio4MatPro, a proof of concept will also be available, which will make it possible to consider both the feasibility and economic viability of the approaches as well as a robust assessment of the CO2 saving potential.

Open positions

Currently none