BoostLab4-2: BioAnc - Biobased coating for laboratory products and immunodiagnostics


Project duration

January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2024

Project partners

RWTH Aachen, ABBt (Chair of Biotechnology)

Project description

Within the BioAnc project, products, for example beads, MTPs and test strips, coated with functional molecules using a sustainable coating technology will be developed for use as research and diagnostic products. These will be characterized in an application-oriented manner and potential prototypes will be tested in order to rapidly achieve market readiness after the project. Current methods for coating functional/bioactive molecules rely on energy-intensive processes that are often limited in terms of occupancy density, scalability, and oriented immobilization.

In this project, a bio-based and sustainable coating technology will be used to optimize current coating processes and contribute to the biologization of materials science. The novel coating technology used enables coating of a variety of surfaces at room temperature, in water, and within minutes. Coatings can thus be applied in a mechanically stable manner as a dense monolayer without loss of activity. Intensification of the coating process, such as resource-conserving execution, results in great potential for qualitatively superior, cost-effective and sustainable products with competitive advantages such as higher sensitivity. Biomolecules will be selected for their market relevance, such as streptavidin, protein G, and diagnostic-specific antigens. Thus, targeted products of the project are beads and MTPs coated with streptavidin and protein G, respectively, for research applications and diagnostic materials, such as beads, MTPs and test strips, coated with specific antigens.

The aim of the BioAnc project is the modular development of these products with the shortest possible time-to-market. For this purpose, the coating process of the functional molecules will be developed, the binding under application conditions will be optimized with regard to market requirements and suitable prototypes will be developed.

Open positions

currently none

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