BoostLab5-3: Glucanes4Tex - acrylonitrile from renewable source


Project duration

October 1, 2022 to September 31, 2026

Project partners

RWTH Aachen, ITA (Institute of Textile Technolgy), ABBt (Chair of Biotechnology)

Hochschule Niederrhein (HSNR) University of Applied Sciences, FTB (Forschungsinstitut Textilveredelung und Ökologie)

Project description

The Glucanes4Tex project is intended to prepare the industrialization of a newly developed sustainable polysaccharide-based fiber type, synonym: glucan, and to enable the establishment of a production site with more than 50,000 tons per year of glucan fibers in the Rhineland region following the project. Such a production site will create several hundred jobs in the region. The Rheinisches Revier offers all the prerequisites for this, since the value chain from raw material to finished product can be covered by regional companies.

The glucan polymer is produced from a by-product of sugar production from sugar beets. Polymer and fiber production is therefore ideally connected to existing sugar refineries, so that the added value of sugar production is increased and transport routes are eliminated. In addition, the existing infrastructure can also be used.

The project's contribution to the promotion policy objectives is therefore the creation of new jobs in the Rheinisches Revier area by increasing the value added in sugar production. As a bio-based and sustainable material, the glucan fibers produced offer great potential for use in numerous textile applications.

Open positions

currently none