BoostLab4: Bio-based coatings and finishes for medical technology and biotech products


The BoostLabs BoostLab4-BoostLab6 include examples of the biological transformation of industries: BoostLab4: medical technology and biotech products; BoostLab5: textile technology and lightweight construction; BL6: plastics recycling and sustainable additives.

In five subprojects of BoostLab4, BoostLab4-1 to BoostLab4-5, the biological transformation of medical technology will be advanced through the development of future-oriented technologies in the field of medical technology as well as for biotech products and in vitro.

The development of these technologies and products is based on sustainable bio-based strategies, for example bio-based adhesion promoters, antimicrobial functionalities, and relies on local, renewable raw materials.

Adhesion promoter peptides bind to surfaces via different physical and chemical interactions and can be tailored for different applications and application conditions, for example binding strength and selectivity comparable to antibodies, using protein engineering methods.The wide range of applications in BoostLab4 promotes the goals formulated in the economic and structural program for the bio-economy model region.

In the second Bio4MatPro project phase from the year 2026 to 2031, it is planned to make the developed medical and diagnostic technologies as well as products widely available in the Rhenish Mining Area, in order to give companies the opportunity to make the developed technologies available to other companies without a high financial risk for their applications/products within the framework of the planned launch center.

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