BoostLab5: Bio-based coatings and finishes for textile technology and lightweight construction


The BoostLabs BoostLab4-BoostLab6 include examples of the biological transformation of industries: BoostLab4: medical technology and biotech products; BoostLab5: textile technology and lightweight construction; BoostLab6: plastics recycling and sustainable additives.

BoostLab5 combines innovative biotechnological and advanced chemical approaches with textile engineering approaches to develop novel, bio-based and sustainable technologies, processes and products for lightweight construction and textile engineering.

In four different subprojects, BoostLab5-1 to BoostLab5-4, biogenic coatings for monitoring component condition of fiber composite, carbon fibers from local biogenic residues, biodegradable textiles from sugar beets, and biohybrid flame retardant textiles will be developed. BoostLab5 develops sustainable innovations for the textile and lightweight construction sectors, contributing to the overall concept of biological transformation of industries in Bio4MatPro.

In case of success, the innovative strength and competitiveness of the local players in the field of textile technology and lightweight construction will be strengthened. Their position will be more sustainable and their technology and product portfolio will be future-proofed.

In the second Bio4MatPro project phase from the year 2026 to 2031, it is planned to combine the successfully developed measuring systems, processes and textiles in the Rhenish Mining Area with further activities in the bioeconomy model region in order to give companies the opportunity, within the framework of the planned Launch Center, to make the developed technologies and products usable for their own products and applications simply and without a high financial risk and to develop innovations with "green" and recyclable materials and technologies.

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