BoostLab6: Biotechnological solutions and new production processes for plastics recycling and sustainable additives


The BoostLabs BoostLab4-BoostLab6 include examples of the biological transformation of industries: BoostLab4: medical technology and biotech products; BoostLab5: textile technology and lightweight construction; BoostLab6: plastics recycling and sustainable additives.

BoostLab6 develops in three subprojects BoostLab6-1 to BosotLab6-3, future-oriented technologies in the field of textile, plastics and consumer goods industry using biological additives or degradation and enrichment processes. The enzyme- and peptide-based technologies on which the focus is placed make a particular contribution to the sustainability character of the change from fossil resources to renewable raw materials in the Rheinisches Revier.

In addition to the production of enzymes and peptides from renewable raw materials, their biodegradability also plays a decisive role. The ability to replace toxic or carcinogenic additives, intermediates and/or organic solvents in production processes makes a crucial contribution to the biological transformation of these industries. In case of success, pilot productions are planned in the company-led projects BoostLab6-1 and BoostLab6-2 in order to produce product samples.

In the second Bio4MatPro project phase from the year 2026 to 2031, it is planned to make the successfully developed technologies and products widely available in the textile, plastics and consumer goods industries in the Rheinisches Revier in order to expand the innovation network and give other companies the opportunity to use the developed technologies and products for their own products and applications as part of the planned launch center.

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