White Paper "Biointegrated production for a climate neutral circular economy"

  Scheme bio integration and circular economy Copyright: © WZL

The Institue of Biotechnology and the WZL of RWTH Aachen have written a White Paper about "Biointegrated production for a climate neutral circular economy".


Over the past 200 years, industrial revolutions and disruptive innovations have led to a constant transformation of the economy and thus of society. Starting with industrialization and automation in the 19th century, through globalization and digitalization in the 20th century, the next industrial revolution is now following: the biological transformation.

What does biological transformation mean? What materials are used for this process? What products can be devloped by this? And how can these new products be linked to current production technology? All these questions are answered in the white paper "Biointegrated production for a climate-neutral circular economy" (in german language).