Bio4MatPro as a guest at the the BMBF funding measure "Futuew Technologies for the Industrial Bioeconomy" status seminar

  Bio4MatPro delegation in front of a canvas saying "Welcome to Berlin!" Copyright: © Bio4MatPro

During the status seminar in Berlin Spielfeld Digital Hub, there was an exchange on the projects and challenges in developing biohybrid technologies. Exciting presentations were given by the various research associations (MiRAGE, JaBaS, SynHydro3, PepTight, ILLUMINATE, electraDetouch, BioQuant, CarboBioElec and ProNanoPep). These ranged from new biocatalytic processes to biosensors and approaches to recycling, introduced by a presentation from Ellery Studio on the topic of science communication. As a guest, Bio4MatPro contributes with a presentation about the BioAnc, SAVER2, BioBricks4Production, Pep4Sense, EBRA and MultiGlue projects.

A special focus was placed on networking beyond project boundaries. The Mix & Meet session, as well as poster presentations and breaks, provided time for exchange, networking, and discussion.

We would like to thank the organizers, BMBF and Projektträger Jülich (PtJ) for the opportunity to present Bio4MatPro competence center at this inspiring event and also to all the research associations for the lively exchange.